Wyatt  Lyons

Wyatt Lyons



Wyatt has been practicing real estate as an agent for just under a year, but has been very interested and followed the field for many years!

Wyatt’s main motivation for entering the field was the opportunity to meet new people and make connections. Another motivator for Wyatt is having a career based on commission; he describes this as his "why" for entering the field. Wyatt states, "People always ask what makes you get out of bed in the morning and for me it’s that I have complete control on my destiny financially, my time, and my income. My lifestyle is a direct reflection of my work ethic." Additionally, Wyatt has many close family members who work in the real estate industry, which has instilled a love of real estate in him. Being able to visit and sell properties is something he loves to do and to be able to do it with family is a benefit that he will never take for granted.

Outside of real estate, Wyatt enjoys golf and plays year round, whether it's playing a round on the course, getting some practice in at the range, or playing on the golf simulators. Wyatt and his fiancé, Erin, also love to visit Lake Winnipesaukee. They spend many weekends and holidays there on the boat, visiting downtown, and grilling on the deck while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Wyatt and Erin also enjoy spending time with their sweet and loveable dog, Belle. She is a four year old Cavachon.